CX 2017会议

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CX 会议秉承英国人的最大特点,争论+挑战+共识。 CX2017将聚焦Pathways of Care 以便为达到血管疾病处理共识,完成新一轮的争论。 本次会议将会发现 是否干预和是否获益 什么时候干预和什么时候适可而止 干预的方法和证据 干预的随访和结果 主要议题包括 Per

CX 会议秉承英国人的最大特点,争论+挑战+共识。

CX2017将聚焦“Pathways of Care” 以便为达到血管疾病处理共识,完成新一轮的争论。

  • 是否干预和是否获益
  • 什么时候干预和什么时候适可而止
  • 干预的方法和证据
  • 干预的随访和结果


Peripheral Arterial Consensus
  • Should endovascular treatment be the first option rather than exercise for claudicants?
  • What is driving the shift towards endovascular for acute ischaemia?
  • What are the guidelines for superficial femoral artery intervention?
  • What are the current guidelines for drug-coated balloon (DCB) use?
  • Does “endovascular first practice” alter equipoise for below-the-knee trials?
  • Is the angiosome concept codswallop?
  • How important is speed of revascularisation in the diabetic foot?
First-time presentations:
  • Podium 1st: 12-month outcomes of standard vs. wider usage of drug-coated balloon – IN.PACT global study
  • Podium 1st: Outcomes of drug-coated balloon with calcification, >15cm, complete total occlusion and TASC C and D lesions – IN.PACT study
  • Late breaking: Downstream coating effects of various drug-coated balloons
  • First-in-man: Randomised trial of drug-coated balloon vs. POBA – 12-month data (RANGER-SFA)
  • Podium 1st: BIOFLEX PEACE – 12-month results of a self-expanding flexible stent in long femoropopliteal lesions
  • Podium 1st: BIOLUX 4EVER – drug-coated balloon and stent in the SFA
Abdominal Aortic Consensus
  • Does operating below the threshold of 5.5cm save lives?
  • What should you do in the follow-up period after EVAR? How dangerous are type II endoleaks?
  • What are the latest results of endovascular repair of ruptured aneurysms?
First-time presentations:
  • Podium 1st: EVAR 2 trial – very long-term follow-up
  • Podium 1st: Screening in Women for Abdominal aNeurysm – SWAN trial
  • Podium 1st: IMPROVE trial – three-year results
  • Podium 1st: A new low-profile device approach – results out to five years
  • Podium 1st: Five-year durability data – ENGAGE registry 
Thoracic Aortic Consensus
  • Are the types A and B dissection terms satisfactory?
  • Is it time to revisit whether complicated means complicated for type B dissections?
  • How does the treatment of complex aortic pathologies with branched grafts compare with parallel grafts, snorkels and chimneys?
  • How do you reduce radiation exposure in aortic interventions?
Venous Consensus
  • What is the best imaging modality for superficial and deep venous anatomy?
  • What are the pathways of care for venous stenting interventions?
  • What is the prevalence of pelvic vein incompetence in women with chronic pelvic pain?
  • What are the VeClose study results at three years of endovenous adhesive vs. radiofrequency ablation?
  • What are the modern guidelines for leg ulceration?
First-time presentation:
  • European presentation of the ATTRACT trial
  • Acute Stroke Consensus
What is wrong with current carotid guidelines and why are guidelines misleading?
What are the latest intracranial intervention pathways of care?
Rapid vertebral artery interventions are essential (VIST and VAST trials)

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